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Hello! I'm Bun.E


This is my personal website, on it you can find my blog, product and game reviews and updates on music projects I am working on including links to early works.


A little about me:

My real name is Amy, I am aged 15-25, female and I live in the United Kingdom.

I am vegan after previously being vegetarian. I now no longer eat anything from any living creature.

I am a musician and can play various instruments at different levels, my best being piano.

I play a lot of games in my free time and can be found online on Steam everyday.

My favourite colour is pink and my favourite animals are rabbits.


You can find me on the following online platforms under the following names:








Xbox Live:






(Note: I get a lot of random adds, they usually all go declined if you wish to add me please message me first with a reason why.)