Welcome 2023!

Year of the rabbit is here!

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Hello I'm Bun.E!

Welcome to my website!

I'm a little grey and purple European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus!), I live in the UK and this is my website where you can find my music, videos and reviews.

I made this website because I want to share my passion with the world, I want to provide a space to share my thoughts, feelings and creativity.

Here you can find direct links to my music, videos and reviews as well as my online blogging, You can also find content here that you can't find elsewhere on my social media channels such as planned supporter content for fans of my work.

You can also stay up to date on the latest Bun.E news and projects by either following the front page news feed or by subscribing to my newsletter. You will gain insight to what I am currently working on and sneak peaks at content before it gets posted on my social media. Supporters will even gain access to special sections of the website which will contain secret projects and things you will never find elsewhere such as unreleased music, videos and Q&A sessions.



Music is a huge passion in my life and has been a part of it since I was little

I play and compose piano music professionally, I am branching out in to songwriting in various different styles, I incorporate classic piano music into modern EDM and utlise speech synthesizers for a unique sound which is my own.

I hope you will enjoy my music, You can find all my work on the music section of my website HERE!

You can also find my music on my soundcloud at http://www.soundcloud.com/bun-e

I am also looking to create music over at bandlab and collaborate with other musicians! I can be found HERE!

I wish to share my music with the world so please take time to listen and enjoy!

I am also open for freelancing work, if you have a project such as a video game which requires a soundtrack in my style please reach out to me, I am available for work on all forms of media, More information and contact details can be found on the music section of my website, or you may enquire about my services directly by emailing enquiries@bun-e.com



I also love playing games and sharing my adventures!

I am a passionate gamer and there are no games I won't try at least once (ok maybe not THAT game!)

I plan to dedicate a weekly schedule to streaming on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook simultaneously, so you may choose your platform to tune in!

I play all sorts of games including games not covered by other steamers such as little known retro games which I wish to bring some attention to

I also create all sorts of none live videos for Youtube including reviews, discussion, gameplay highlights, music updates and more!

You can find more information, schedules, countdown to the next live steam and links to all my video channels at Bun-E.TV!

My favourite types of games to play are MMO, Puzzle adventures, Simulators, Racing and FPS

and ofcourse retro games are a huge passion of mine.

If you see me in game, make sure to say hello! my usernames are listed here! just click the logos to see my username for that platform :)

Hope you see you in game and I hope you can tune into my videos and live streams so we can have fun together!

My Usernames!



I also review games! I have a very unique way of reviewing games in that I rate them in carrots!

You can find more information on my review methods on the reviews section of my website HERE, I focus on various different areas of a game from its general gameplay to its flaws, I try to be as precise as possible while staying neutral so I can and give each area a fair rating in carrots, 5 carrots is good 1 carrot is not!

Exceptionally good games will get a golden carrot award and a personal recommendation and feature video from me.

Whilst dramatically bad games will be given the terrible turnip award!. (you don't want that!)

If you are a game developer or community manager and wish to have your game reviewed in a fun and unique way please reach out to me at reviews@bun-e.com


Golden Carrot Award


Terrible Turnip Award


All images are for demonstration purpose only. You will get the demo images with the QuickStart pack.

Also, all the demo images are collected from Unsplash. If you want to use those, you may need to provide necessary credits. Please visit Unsplash for details.