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Hello I'm Bun.E!

Discover who I am and the person behind the character

Who is Bun.E?

Bun.E (real name Amy Hopps) is a humanised European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) character. Bun.E was created to represent myself as a virtual musician, inspired heavily by virtual music acts such as Gorillaz and Miku Hatsune. Bun.E is my online personality and my stage personality both. Bun.E's design has more meaning than pure aesthetic, For example her purple hair is dedicated to my late grandmother whose favourite colour was purple. Her pink eyes symbolise youthfulness, femininity and free spirit. Bun.E also suffers from a hearing impairment which is unusual for a rabbit since they are known for their fantastic hearing. This adds a unique aspect to the character.

Overall the personality of Bun.E is one of playfulness, curiosity and deep emotion, this becomes relevant in her music. She is extremely excitable, friendly and always willing to try new things and make the world a better place. Bun.E is voiced solely by AI vocal synthesizer software for singing and myself for video and streaming content.

The typical colouration of Bun.E's apparel is that of aquamarine. I feel this colour blends in well the rest of her palette. She also wears sky blue and pastel pink clothing items in combination with her more frequently worn aquamarine hoodie/dress. These are personal favourite colours of mine and since Bun.E is a virtual representation of myself, I feel it only fitting to use these colours for her clothing.


The person behind the character

My name is Amy, I was born in gods own county of Yorkshire, England.

I am a lifelong vegan and my favourite animals are bunnies. I find this is fitting as my character being a rabbit fits my real life persona perfectly.

Music has always had a profound meaning in my life and has forever been the key to the door of my creativity and a way to cleanse my soul of the many hardships daily life throws my way by turning stress into musical notation, something negative and unpleasing can become something pleasant and entertaining for not just myself but for others around me, music composed from the heart is real music.

I grew up with music. I got my first toy keyboard as a toddler and never stopped. I would spend hours creating songs on my collection of Ejay games as a kid. I vividly remember installing over 7 CDs of Ejay Dance and Hip-Hop on my laptop, My first taste of constructing songs.

I am a classically trained pianist and composer. my dream is to score for a big budget video game or movie. I shall continue to share my creative works via this website, Soundcloud, Spotify and more. Sharing my work whilst growing an ever expanding portfolio is the best for everyone. My music releases are also open for licensing. More information can be found on the Music section of this website.

Outside of music, I also have a huge passion for gaming. It is for this reason I founded which is a hub for all my streaming and gaming activities, why not take a look at the latest schedule and come pay me a visit when next I am live?

The types of games I cover vary tremendously and there is nothing I won't try at least once (except maybe those games!, you know the ones). I play anything from classic and little known retro games (retro gaming is a huge passion of mine), FPS, Racing, Simulator, MMO and more, so there is always something fresh and new going on at to come and see.

Besides live streaming content, you can also find pre-recorded content (and sometimes live) over at my Youtube channel @Bun.E

I cover all sorts of content via this channel from gaming insights, reviews, discussions, news, music, guides and more, so it's worth a look to see if there's anything you might find interesting there.

Lastly I choose to remain as behind the scenes as I can be for the benefit of people knowing me for my character rather than the person behind it. It is for these reasons I have chosen the route of V-Tubing for live streams and animation for music videos to best represent Bun.E and my vision for the character. However I will do my upmost best to answer AMA sessions with as much clarity as I can whilst also staying in character. Bun.E being a digital recreation of myself should make it so whatever I do/say as Bun.E I am also doing/saying as my real life persona. We are one and the same.
Thank you for understanding.

AmyCreator of Bun.E

What music do I write?

Having grown up with a music background there are many styles of music I am proficient in.

The music style I have chosen for Bun.E is generally Pop, EDM and Future Bass using Vocaloid as the grounds for Bun.E's vocals. But that does not mean I won't experiment and take my project into other genres. I plan on composing music in a whole host of genres to meet every taste. I have already written music in Hip-Hop, Trance, Synthwave, Chiptune and Lo-Fi styles.

I like to craft a sound that is unique to me, I create each and all sounds I use from scratch and love to incorporate Foley, ambience and unusual sounds in my music.

My music can take you on an emotional journey or make you dance like your dad at a party. 😄

I recommend you check out my music when new uploads are made. New uploads are announced on all my social media pages and the front page of this website.

I am always open for freelance work on various projects from TV to video games, More information about hiring me can be found here.


What games do I play?

I LOVE playing video games of many different genres on many different platforms.

I am very passionate about games and have played them since a young age.

Therefore I decided to dedicate some of my time to content creation with Bun.E by sharing video game videos and live streams.

I plan to dedicate a weekly schedule to streaming on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook, so you may choose your platform to tune in on!

You can find more information, schedules, countdown to the next live steam and links to all my video channels at!

I also create all sorts of videos for Youtube including reviews, discussions, gameplay highlights, music updates and more! so make sure to check the channels out.

When it comes to my choice of games. I have a broad interest. I even play retro games from the 80s because retro gaming is a huge passion of mine. I own almost all retro consoles in working condition I picked up over the years. it's so fun to play the classics. They have more heart and soul than modern games.

My favourite genres to play are MMO, Puzzle adventures, Simulators, Racing and FPS.

As for retro games, you will usually find me playing through such classics as Super Mario Bros 3, Sonic the Hedgehog and the classic Disney 16-bit era games such as World of Illusion. But that is not to say I won't also be found playing Doom and Outrun. 😉

I have listed my usernames and platforms to the right here, simply click the icon and you can see my name for that platform. If you see me in games, make sure to say hello! 😃

Hope to see you in game and I hope you can tune into my videos and live streams so we can have fun together!

My Usernames!



I also love to review games! I have a very unique way of reviewing games in that I rate them in carrots!

You can find more information on my review methods on the reviews section of my website here. I focus on various different areas of a game from its general gameplay to its flaws. I try to be as precise as possible while staying neutral so I can and give each area a fair rating in carrots. 5 carrots is good, 1 carrot is not!

Exceptionally good games will get a golden carrot award and a personal recommendation from me for excelling in many areas. I only offer this award to games that provide unrivalled fun, brilliant original design, great art style and music direction, other people may vary in their opinion of a game so therefore the golden carrot award is exclusive to my reviews found only on this website.

And of course drastically bad games will be given the terrible turnip award!. (you don't want that!)

If you are a game developer or community manager and wish to get in touch and have your game reviewed in a fun and unique way, please reach out to me at and pray for that golden carrot award!


Golden Carrot Award


Terrible Turnip Award


What made you create Bun.E?

Bun.E encompasses my online presence and image in music. I took this approach to be a more unique musical artist and to have a unique and recognisable brand image.

Any questions? Message me!

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